Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rabbit Pen On The Way

I finally found some daylight time to build some of the rabbit pen. It's not going to be too big, just 4ft X 20ft and a little more than 2ft tall, eventually I would like to have 7 does and 2 bucks.But to start off (if I can ever find the breed I'm looking for) I will probably get 3 does and 1 buck of either New Zealand or Californian breeds.
So the rabbits won't tunnel in the dirt to nest I had to dig out 6inches deep & place 1inch chicken wire on the floor and than I'll fill it back in later...after all that earth moving low and behold my back didn't go out, I'm going to have to give thanks to my dad for that, he let me borrow a work out book by Matt Furey which has seemingly given me super human strength...or a stronger core if you will. Oh, I still have your book Pa, it's here if you want it.
Any who...back on track, so I dug the hole, cut some 2X4's and borrowed the neighbors cordless drill than screwed the main frame together. I found a dark green can and red can of old paint mixed em' together and ended up with a brown rabbit pen so the bare wood has a little more protection against the elements.
So I waited 3 minutes for the paint to dry cause I'm so verrrrrry patient and got started on stapling some 1/2 inch hardware cloth to the front and back (my favorite part, it's like framing a painting that took you 1year to finish and all you really wanted to do was frame the stupid thing). So far so good, no fingers cut off, just some paint in the hair, it was a good day. These are the beginning photos...


  1. Dang Pauly Wog, I envy you. You're so skilled! Teach me your ways. I'll be your grasshopper.

  2. Yes! Rabbits! You inspire me to eat rabbit meat and workout my CORE! That's what I'm talkn'bout. I LOVE you and what you're doing.

  3. Just think of the pride you will feel once this thing is completed! It's a good feeling!:)