Saturday, January 17, 2009

Time to Hit the Hay Sack!

Well I thought it would be nice to keep record of all the small things I've been putting together around this little yellow house of ours, and some bits of information I've been learning as I try to figure out the best ways to go about building & running a mini self-sufficient "Square Foot Farm".
So hopefully I'll remember to take pictures & post what little goes on around here, but I'm not starting tonight...I am flippin tired and am getting a little grumpy so it's time to hit the hay sack already!


  1. Hey Paula! Your blog rocks! I'm a big fan and hope to learn a lot about farmin' from ya.

  2. Yes...yes I most certainly do.

  3. Way to go Farm Girl!

    You'll have to let us know when your having your first cook out.

    Pam and I found out the city doesn't allow farm life where we live. But I don't see how a couple of chickens would hurt.

    Great Blog!

  4. Chickens are quite...I don't think anyone will notice, but if they do find out it will probably make them just want some chicken of their own! Or you can bribe them with some fresh eggs!

    And dont forget about the rabbits, they're not considered "farm life". Can't wait to see your chickens!

  5. Paula, I need some mice killing stuff, I do think they live behind Grandma's new oven. Thank you. Mama.